Why Do Babies Fight Sleep?

Parents may wonder, “Why do babies fight sleep?”. Whether they’re attempting to fall asleep by kicking or crying, the answer to this question varies greatly. Some babies fight sleep because they’re fussy, while others have a harder time falling asleep. Read on to find out why babies fight sleep in the first place.

The first thing you can do is adjust the time they’re put to bed. Try moving the time a half-hour earlier or later than usual. Doing this can relax your baby before they go to sleep. You can also institute a nap. This will prevent your child from being awake for a long time. If your baby is overtired, it will take them longer to fall asleep. The key is to find your baby’s sweet spot.

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Some parents wonder why their babies fight sleep. Sometimes, it can be due to their overtiredness, overwork, or separation anxiety. Babies can’t stay awake longer than 45 minutes, so giving them plenty of time to wind down is crucial. Babies may also fight sleep because they are uncomfortable. Experts recommend avoiding overdressing young babies to avoid this problem. But if you’re unsure why your baby is fighting sleep, ask your baby’s doctor.

Another cause for your baby to fight sleep is being overtired. Your baby may be overtired because they need extra love and reassurance. Overtired babies may also be a sign of illness or pain. Babies may pick up your energy, so stay calm during this time. Baby sleeps better when parents stay calm. However, overtired babies will not get the best sleep when overtired.

When your baby is too tired to sleep, they will be cranky and difficult to settle. An overtired baby may have been up too long and missed the window to fall asleep. In such a case, your baby might be fighting to stay awake. It’s not uncommon to have trouble falling asleep if your baby doesn’t feel sleepy, so it’s important to recognize early signs of sleepiness.

Another cause of your baby’s fight-or-cry-to-sleep issue may be separation anxiety. This common problem starts around eight to nine months. Babies realize they want their parents to stay with them all the time. If you cannot be with them, try not to separate them before they’re ready to go to sleep. A separation anxiety-induced baby’s battle with sleep may seem like a difficult challenge, but it’s worth it.

A baby’s sleep pattern is very different from yours. Sometimes a baby will be overtired at their scheduled sleep time, and other times they’ll be undeterred. For this reason, it’s important to get your baby used to sleep independently. And remember, this is just an initial phase. Your baby will eventually drop all naps, requiring more sleep than expected.

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