White Spots on Baby Teeth – Causes and Treatments

While most parents look forward to seeing their newborn child’s toothy grin, white spots on baby teeth can cause concern. This is because these teeth will serve your child for many years, from early childhood through pre-teen years. This article will discuss the different reasons why you might see these spots. Read on to discover the various treatments available to solve these problems.

There are three most common causes of white spots on baby teeth. The first is tooth decay. This is because the enamel is missing minerals, which causes them to turn yellow or brown. Luckily, many of these spots are treatable with topical fluoride, which replaces these missing minerals and strengthens tooth enamel. But, before whitening your baby’s teeth, you should first know what is causing them.

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Second, white spots on baby teeth can be caused by caries. It is important to see a dentist if you notice them because the problem can become worse. If the white spots appear near the gum line, they are likely caries. A filling or a fissure sealant can be used to repair the damage. Limiting sugary foods and beverages avoids further damage to your child’s teeth. Despite these benefits, it is important to understand that white spots on baby teeth signify a child may be experiencing tooth decay.

Another common cause of white spots on baby teeth is fluorosis. A fluoride-containing toothpaste or mouthwash may cause the spots. This is another common dental issue, but fortunately, it is treatable. A pediatric dentist can determine whether the white spots on baby teeth result from tooth decay or an overdose of fluoride.

Early signs of tooth decay may be difficult to detect. Early signs are chalky-white spots along the gumline. These white spots could develop into yellow or brown spots if left untreated. If left untreated, they will need to be removed or filled. However, if you catch these spots early, you can reverse the process by visiting your pediatric dentist. A dentist will clean your child’s teeth and apply fluoride varnish to help fight against tooth decay.

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