When Can My Baby Sleep With a Blanket?

There are a few rules of thumb if you’re wondering when can my baby sleep with a blanket. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that babies should not sleep with loose blankets or soft bedding during the first year of life. However, the academy does not specify when babies can sleep with blankets. If you’re unsure when your baby can safely sleep with a blanket, consult your pediatrician.

The AAP recommends a blanket or pillow for infants, but it’s important to be comfortable with the decision. While blankets aren’t a health risk, you should always consult your pediatrician to ensure your baby is healthy enough to sleep with one. The risk of SIDS declines with each month of age, and the safest age for a blanket is 12 months. By this time, your baby is stronger and has learned to stand up in a standing position. It can also move a small blanket away from its face.

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When can my baby sleep with a blanket? Many babies can sleep with a blanket by themselves. However, others may need to be swaddled. Babies should use a lightweight blanket when napping. Choose a blanket that doesn’t have loose pieces or threads. This way, they won’t accidentally suffocate themselves. They also need a lot of air circulation so they’ll feel comfortable.

In addition to the safety risks, a blanket can increase the risk of SIDS. Experts recommend removing blankets from your baby’s crib after one year. You should also keep your baby off of couches and other hard surfaces. They can cause a serious health hazard if they fall out of their crib. So when can my baby sleep with a blanket? Consider the following guidelines when deciding how to use a blanket.

While a blanket can keep your baby warm, it can also increase the risk of SIDS or suffocation. If your baby is too young, you may want to delay the transition until your child is ready. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that babies under one year do not sleep with blankets. It can lead to suffocation, strangulation, and other dangerous outcomes. Before introducing blankets to your baby, choose a safe one.

The first blanket your baby can safely sleep with should be small and lightweight. It should be no longer than half the length of the child. A blanket made from cotton, merino wool, or any other breathable fabric should be fine. Be wary of blankets that are too thick or have heavy fringe. Only use blankets that are appropriate for the age of your baby. This will help them become comfortable and confident sleepers.

Once your baby is about 18 months old, you can introduce a thicker blanket or a lovey. However, remember that big stuffed animals can pose a suffocation hazard and are also used to climb out of the crib. You can also introduce pillows to your baby after 18 months old. This will help prepare them for the big kid bed.

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