Why Does My Baby Cry in Her Sleep?

Why does my baby cry in her sleep? Many parents turn on a baby monitor when they hear a crying sound. Then they come to investigate, only to see their baby’s closed eyes. They wonder if there is something wrong with their little one. Understanding these reasons is important for parents.

First, it’s important to realize that babies experience different sleep cycles ranging from twenty to forty minutes. Your baby may awaken just briefly or not at all. If you can’t get her to sleep for a long time, your baby will become overtired, triggering the release of hormones that fight fatigue. Your baby will probably cry in her sleep for a few minutes before falling asleep, but this is not always the case.

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Another reason for your baby to cry in her sleep is teething. Teething can be very painful for a baby, and teething babies often cry and whine during this time. You should wait to intervene if your baby is crying in her sleep – otherwise, you could wake her up and cause more harm than good. Instead, try to figure out why she is crying so you can soothe her. If you have an explanation for her crying, it will help you find ways to calm her and get her back to sleep.

Another common cause of nighttime crying is acid reflux. The problem usually occurs between the time you eat and midnight. In some cases, a baby is allergic to milk. Other common causes include acid reflux, infection, and milk allergy. Although most causes of nighttime crying are temporary, it’s best to seek medical attention if your baby wakes up frequently. If unsure about a specific cause, you can watch a DVD by Dr. Karp.

Night terrors are rare in babies but do exist. Usually, babies are about four to 12 months old when they have their first-night terror. However, some babies may have them as early as 18 months. It is important to remember that a night terror is a commotion that a baby doesn’t understand. During these episodes, your baby will not remember these events the next day, but it is important to keep your baby safe so she can sleep through them.

Another reason your baby may cry at night is hunger. A newborn’s stomach is small, so it won’t need a lot of food to survive for a long time. During this time, offer your breast whenever your baby seems hungry. Be patient and wait until she looks satisfied. Eventually, she’ll become content. Once she’s satisfied, your baby will stop crying at night. If she still cries at night, try to avoid caffeine and bloating her stomach.

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