Establishing a 5-Month-Old Nap Schedule

If your 5 month old nap schedule is at the same time every day, you may be wondering what to do about their nap schedule. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Following the same nap schedule daily can help stabilize your baby’s sleep pattern. It also helps you to establish a routine, such as a bedtime. Babies are prone to crankiness when they don’t get the amount of rest they need, so it’s important to get the nap time right.

During the first two months of a baby’s life, you can expect your baby to take three or four naps. Your baby will sleep 10-12 hours at night during this time. The number of naps your child takes depends on the length of their wake windows. Longer wake windows mean longer naps. But if your child wakes up in 45 minutes, a 15-minute nap may be just right.

If you’re concerned about the length of your baby’s naps, you can consult with pediatric sleep experts. The EAT-PLAY-SLEEP routine can contribute to shorter naps at five months. Babies who need to eat every 2.5 to three hours may be ready for a 2-hour nap at that age. And, if they don’t have any, they may wake up hungry. So, try to avoid feeding your baby to sleep!

Depending on your baby’s age, your baby may have three naps a day and drop the fourth. Between each nap, your baby needs a few hours of awake time to get sufficiently tired without overtiring. You may notice that the naps are still relatively short but not as predictable as to when they were younger. Besides, alternating between three and four naps can help your baby adjust to longer periods of wakefulness.

At around five months, your baby may be ready for a one-snap. Nevertheless, he will struggle to fall asleep at bedtime, and you may need to cut down on the second nap. One-sleep days are the hardest, so if you can get him to sleep in time, you should give them a two-hour nap. By doing this, you can reduce their afternoon nap, and they will be ready for a late-night bedtime!

Your 5-month-old should sleep for about 12 hours a day. You should get around 10 to 11 hours of solid sleep each night and a minimum of three naps during the day. Babies should sleep as much as possible when they are at this age. However, remember that babies may still need feeding or a bottle at night. The best strategy is to allow them three naps a day for optimal health.

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