Reasons Your Baby Sleeping More Than Usual

Your baby sleeping more than usual for several reasons. Most parents would cheer this development. However, if you’re worried, you should contact your pediatrician. Your baby’s health and any recent medical procedures may cause increased sleepiness. Make sure your baby is properly fed and is getting plenty of rest. Likewise, if your baby seems sleepy after feeding, it’s best to consult a doctor.

Your baby may be sleeping longer than usual during growth spurts. Babies experience growth spurts throughout their first few years. During these times, their brain and body experience rapid development. Their sleep is a reflection of this development. So if your baby sleeps longer than usual, your instincts might be correct. It’s important to remember that sleep is essential to their development. But other times, your baby may need more sleep than usual.

Changing your baby’s bedtime schedule might be necessary to alleviate teething symptoms. However, trying to sleep your baby to fall asleep too early may result in a more difficult night’s sleep. Instead of changing the routine, you’ve established with your baby, try using at-home methods to make your child feel comfortable before bedtime. It will ensure consistency and help them sleep better at night. If your baby sleeps more than usual during teething, consult your pediatrician.

An increasing number of hours of sleep may also indicate a teething problem. While this is normal and perfectly normal, increased sleep is still a cause for concern. Teething is one of the most common causes of prolonged sleepiness in babies. In addition, your baby may experience low-grade fevers or mucus. Whether your baby is teething or not, it’s important to monitor its temperature and seek medical advice if you’re unsure of the cause of the extra sleepiness.

Newborns generally sleep longer than adults but do not lap into a deep sleep. The newborn sleep cycle includes 20 minutes of quiet sleep, followed by four hours of REM sleep or transitional sleep, a mixture of active and quiet periods. In addition, your baby may be overtired or overstimulated. Whether your baby is sick or not, waking up frequently and sleeping less than normal could signify separation anxiety or other issues.

Occasionally, your baby may sleep longer than usual for no apparent reason. It’s not necessarily dangerous, but you should consult your doctor if you notice your baby sleeping longer than usual. Some babies may have breathing or heart disorders that impact their sleep. Jaundice is another common cause of excessive sleep in newborns. In Jaundice, the skin becomes yellow, and the whites of the eyes are yellow. Jaundice can cause several problems, including poor eating and feeding.

Your baby may be experiencing a growth spurt. Babies usually sleep twelve to fourteen hours until at least three months old. Even if your baby has a very busy schedule, you may still want to snuggle up to them and let them sleep when they’re awake. Counting the hours during the day and night is an important part of sleep training. Once they’ve reached the age of three, they will develop a schedule and begin a bedtime routine.

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