How to Know When to Start Sleep Training Your Baby

How to Know When to Start Sleep Training Your Baby? Sleep training can be tricky, especially if you’re unsure when to begin. If you have a baby, consider implementing a few of these methods as early as possible.

The three-month-old milestone is important because your baby’s stomach has developed and can hold more liquid food. Your baby’s digestive system is ready for sleep training by this time. Your baby can handle more liquid food and should be more likely to be able to fall asleep with a gentle, soothing routine. To help your baby adjust to bedtime, follow a routine each night and make it a habit.

One such factor is whether your baby is born with poor sleep habits. Getting your baby to sleep on their backs can help prevent SIDS, but good sleep habits will not guarantee a child to be a smarter adult. While sleep habits are good, other factors, such as genetics can also play a part.

You can also use the pick-up and put-down method to sleep train your baby. This method involves sitting next to your baby until they fall asleep. Then, gradually stop rocking your baby and let them cry alone for 15 to 20 minutes.

While the optimal time to start sleep training is around six months of age, it may be appropriate to begin as early as four months or as late as nine months. It all depends on your baby’s sleep behavior and temperament. However, it will not be appropriate for newborns, as they can’t yet fall asleep independently. But even if your baby is not ready to begin sleep training, it will make them feel better and have a better temperament when awake.

One of the most popular sleep training methods is the Ferber method. It uses a process called graduated extinction. Similar to the cry it out method, it takes baby steps toward a goal. If your baby can tolerate this method, you can be confident that they will eventually sleep without your assistance. A successful sleep training program will take around a week to implement.

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