Is Baby Sleeping on Tummy on My Chest Safe?

If baby sleeping on tummy on my chest, you have probably wondered if it is safe. This position has numerous benefits, including a lower risk of suffocation. However, it is probably safest if you can sleep on your side while watching your baby. Your baby will be much more relaxed and comfortable this way. In addition, it will help you sleep better, too!

Putting your baby to sleep on their stomach is not recommended for babies in their first year. If you place your baby on its stomach, it will be forced to rebreathe its air, which contains less oxygen and decreases lung function. SIDS is potentially fatal, and many doctors discourage allowing your baby to sleep on its stomach for more than a few minutes.

A campaign started by Dr. Nils Bergman, a South African pediatrician, has encouraged parents to place their babies on their backs. It is because babies undergo three times more stress in their cots. Also, when asleep on their tummies, they are less responsive to noise, and the soft surface can cover up their little bodies. Consequently, they are more likely to suffer from SIDS.

Another benefit of placing your baby on their tummy is the re-circulation of oxygen. It is particularly important for the first four months of life, as newborns don’t yet have the motor skills to roll over on their stomachs. Therefore, it is vital to keep an eye on your baby while sleeping on their tummy. You will need to monitor your baby’s breathing during this time and avoid allowing them to sleep on their chest.

Another major disadvantage of a baby sleeping on the tummy on your chest is the risk of suffocation. While most parents love to hold their babies on their chests while they sleep, keeping a careful eye on your baby’s breathing and position is vital. SIDS increases greatly if the parents are too tired to keep an eye on their child’s breathing and position.

As long as your baby’s neck and head are fully developed, you can sleep on their back in a crib or a sling. However, if your baby is older, you can place them on your chest. It’s also important to watch your baby while sleeping on their tummy, as they may roll backward. It can cause serious head and neck injuries.

To avoid overheating, avoid using space heaters or weighted blankets. Instead, wear light-colored clothing and keep the crib and baby free from objects. Swaddling can also help prevent your baby from getting too hot. Keep the swaddle tight at the chest and looser at the knees and hips. Swaddling should be discontinued as soon as the baby learns to roll over.

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