How to Stop a Three-Year-Old Sleep Regression

If you have a 3 year old sleep regression, you know the dreaded nighttime routine. Your child will protest being put to sleep and may want to stay up late. A good way to end this routine is to end the night with the last book. You will be surprised at how calmer your child will be after more sleep. It is a good time to begin separation anxiety relief for your child.

Often, a toddler will refuse to nap during the day and test your boundaries. Establishing boundaries and staying consistent is important, as independence is key at this age. A little firmness can go a long way, but your child needs sleep. You can help your child through the sleep regression process by learning to fall asleep and stay asleep. Listed below are some ways to keep your three-year-old from experiencing sleep regression.

Fear of the dark and bad dreams can be common triggers. Night terrors can also occur in toddlers at this age. Television time and screen content can also disrupt sleep. Naps may be on the decline, and you may be sad to see them go. On the other hand, your child may refuse to take a nap altogether. In this case, you may want to start a sleep training regimen right away. A new sibling may also cause your toddler trouble sleeping at night.

Another way to stop 3-year-old sleep regression is by giving your child more time to get enough sleep. This phase is often accompanied by the loss of a pacifier or love. While wishing for more time can be helpful, wishful thinking is not the best way to fix a child’s sleep regression. You can do several things to make your toddler more comfortable in bed. It’s important not to make your child afraid of going to sleep and staying there.

During this stage, toddlers develop language skills and can express themselves. They will use their newfound language skills to delay bedtime if they have trouble sleeping. As a result, it’s important to be present during this time. Luckily, sleep regression is a normal phase and will gradually improve as your child grows older. Your child will soon outgrow this phase, and you’ll be happy you took the initiative to intervene.

Besides learning more about sleep regression, you can also try reducing your expectations for your toddler. Although your child may have been self-settling before, this regression could have been triggered by a specific experience. If you’re unsure how to help your child sleep, you can download the Little One’s App to learn how to settle your toddler. You’ll feel much better and less stressed out after downloading this app. There are also many methods to get your toddler to sleep before you do.

Another way to deal with sleep regression is by keeping your toddler’s routine as consistent as possible. For example, toddlers need a daytime nap, but they’ll only take it if you insist. On rare occasions, your toddler will decide to skip the nap altogether. As a result, your child will be miserable and sleepless in the late afternoon. Taking a nap the next day will also make your toddler feel drowsy.

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