How to Get Rid of Infant Hiccups

There are a number of natural methods How to Get Rid of Infant Hiccups. Using burping to relieve baby’s gas can also help to eliminate hiccups. By burping, you place air near the nipple of the child’s throat. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends burping after each feeding, but it is also important to burp the baby frequently during feedings and during breast-switch periods. Another natural remedy for infant hiccups is applying a warm wet cloth to the baby’s back. However, it should not be slapped, as this can make the situation worse.

Some parents resort to home remedies, but these can be dangerous to babies, and they can cause more harm than good. While they work for some cultures, these remedies may not work for all babies. Breast milk should be the only source of nutrition for infants under six months. For babies older than six months, small sips of water should be given only when the baby is thirsty. Keeping your baby upright will also help air to rise.

Another method for getting rid of infant hiccups is to feed your baby slower. Feeding too quickly can cause a baby to swallow too much air, which can lead to hiccups. While this method may help your baby get relief from the hiccups, it can also cause a baby to vomit. If you’re worried about your baby’s health, consult with your pediatrician.

Often times, a baby will hiccup due to the amniotic fluid inside the womb. It is possible that the amniotic fluid caused the hiccups, but it is important to keep in mind that these are temporary and will go away on their own. It is important not to try to force a solution on a baby, as they will likely only make the situation worse.

Another effective method to eliminate infant hiccups is to feed the baby only when they are hungry. Feeding when the baby is upset may cause the milk or formula to flow out too quickly. Likewise, feeding when your baby is upset can lead to burping, so make sure the nipple is open. Ensure the baby has a proper latch on the bottle. If you feel the presence of an air bubble, patting the back might alleviate the problem.

Besides feeding, frequent hiccups may be a sign of gastroesophageal reflux. This condition happens when partially digested food comes back up through the esophagus, triggering spasms in the diaphragm. While it is normal for infants to hiccup, frequent forceful spitting up and refusing to feed should be investigated by a doctor.

Another natural method for eliminating infant hiccups is to adjust feeding and holding behaviors. A bottle can also be a cause of hiccups. Some bottle designs trap air more easily than others, and this causes the baby to hiccup. Try using a different bottle if the problem persists. Changing bottle designs can help minimize air accumulation. And if the hiccups are not as common as you thought, you can always opt for a bottle that can prevent them from recurring.

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