3 Months Old Baby Activities

If you plan to keep your baby busy for three months, consider some of these three activities for 3 months old baby activities. Try hiding objects and toys in a pillar or seat, and encourage your baby to reach for them. You can also try playing games that make your child act, such as pat-a-cake or singing. Another way to stimulate motor skills and develop grip strength is to give a clean toy to your baby to play with. Make sure to buy a large, sturdy toy, so your child won’t choke on it.

Tummy time is an essential sensory activity for three-month-old babies. It builds coordination and strengthens the arms, neck, and trunk muscles. These muscles develop while your child is lying on their tummy, and they will eventually help with motor skills such as pulling up and sitting. So try to incorporate tummy time into your three-month-old baby’s daily routine. However, remember that you don’t have to do it all at once.

Talk to your baby. Whether you’re bathing or changing diapers, talk to your baby and interact with them. Babies like to hear what their caregivers say. Books should be simple and colorful. The stories should be silly or animated so the baby can engage in the story. If you can’t find anything suitable for a toddler, try to find a baby-friendly book. There are a lot of activities that you can do with your baby while they are awake.

Getting outside can be beneficial for both you and your baby. A stroll through a park can allow your baby to explore nature and interact with other people. When you have the opportunity to lie down, you can lay a baby on a blanket in the park and let him or them feel the grass with their tummy. It can be a fun way to keep your child entertained while learning about different animals.

Talking to your baby is an important activity for three-month-olds. It helps to develop communication skills and strengthens their muscles. You can also lay them on his tummy to practice rolling over. It is a fun way for your baby to stretch their legs and strengthen their back muscles. While laying your baby on their tummy, you can also use an infant gym to give them a workout.

Another activity for three-month-olds is playing with toys that make noise. A tummy toy such as the Winkel Rattle and Sensory Teether Toy by Manhattan Toys is a great option because it is easy to grasp and explore and makes raspberries. Your baby will love the sound of raspberries, so make sure to use this toy with lots of toys to stimulate their sense of hearing.

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