3-Month-Old Nap Schedule

A good 3 month old nap schedule will ensure your baby has enough rest. A typical three-month-old will take from four to five naps throughout the day. Some babies nap for as long as four hours, while others take only a single catnap. The following tips will help you determine when your baby needs a nap. You should be aware that babies are very sensitive to cues of sleepiness. Some signs of sleepiness are yawning, staring off into space, and a reduced activity level.

Attempting to set a rigid nap schedule is a mistake at this age. It will most likely backfire. Instead, try to keep your baby home for the first and second naps, so the babies will get used to being in a safe environment. In addition, try to co-sleep with them at night. Finally, if your baby doesn’t like the crib, make the switch at least a week before you plan to move your family.

To ensure your baby naps at the right times, follow the nap schedule recommended by pediatricians. A healthy baby will sleep for four to five hours at a stretch. While it is possible to allow your baby to sleep for a shorter period, avoiding long stretches of awake time is best. For example, a three-month-old baby should only be awake for about an hour and forty-five minutes, including feeding and playtime.

At the end of the newborn honeymoon, it is normal for most parents to crave a predictable sleep schedule. Changing your baby’s nap schedule can make it possible for you to sleep for longer stretches at night. As long as you listen to your baby’s cues, you can set a three-month-old nap schedule to help your baby get the rest they need during the day. While it may seem like a big change, it will help you sleep better at night.

The length of naps will vary from baby to baby. Generally, babies sleep for two to three hours at a time—some cats and monsters nap for shorter periods. Cat nappers can sleep for 30 minutes at a stretch and may nap more than once during the day. It is best to follow the nap schedule established by your pediatrician and avoid the need to force your baby to sleep longer than necessary.

A typical 3-month-old baby needs between fourteen and seventeen hours of sleep daily. They will need to wake for feedings every few hours, but most of the time, your child will need to sleep for 90-120 minutes after waking up. This window will be shorter in the morning than throughout the day. The longest awake time is generally the last hour or so during the day. Most babies sleep best when awake for about 90 minutes between naps.

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