Sleep Regression in a Two-Year-Old

Two year old sleep regression is a common problem that can make bedtime a nightmare for you and your baby. It is a natural part of child development and is usually nothing more than sleep maturation and evolution. Nevertheless, parents need not wait until the sleep regression is gone to take action. Experts have discussed the causes of sleep regression and offered tips and tricks for parents to help their kids sleep. Read on to learn more about sleep regression in a two-year-old and how to deal with it.

A toddler needs plenty of physical and mental stimulation and may protest if you try to put them to sleep. In this case, naptime is an excellent opportunity to engage in a fun activity that will help them get the rest they need. If the two-year-old’s sleep pattern has never changed, the regression may be something to look forward to. Parents may need to wait until the two-year-old has grown out of the sleep regression until that point.

Sleep regression in a two-year-old is often linked to behavior. While a toddler is learning to set boundaries, they may resist going to bed or want you to stay up with them until they fall asleep. A toddler may also have trouble turning off their brains in time to sleep, causing them to wake up during the night or refuse to nap during the day. But no matter the cause, parents are normal to feel frustrated and confused.

While this sleep regression phase is normal for most toddlers, parents should stay consistent and set clear boundaries to avoid creating new habits. A toddler may suddenly refuse to nap, start protesting at bedtime or become unwilling to go to sleep at the first sign of a sleep regression. If this happens, you may wonder whether you should eliminate naps. In this case, you should be prepared to take on some extra responsibility to make your child happy.

A toddler may also experience night terrors and nightmares at this stage. In addition to comfort and companionship, two-year-olds may need to adjust their total hours of sleep per day. This is not uncommon in early childhood, and you should not be worried about the outcome. With patience and understanding, your two-year-old will start sleeping well again.

While this sleep regression phase is normal, parents should not make assumptions based on one twin. Once you can identify the underlying cause of sleep regression, create a consistent bedtime routine. Don’t cut out naptime altogether.

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