What is the First Sense a Baby Develops?

Do you know what is the first sense a baby develops. One of the earliest senses a baby develops is touch, which they use in the womb to explore the world around them. This sense is essential for survival, as animals will instinctively pull away from uncomfortable objects and move closer to warm and comfortable objects. But what happens when a baby is born? Fortunately, the development of this sense is highly predictable. If you want to know when your child will start using this sense, read on to learn more about this important developmental milestone!

In the first month after birth, a baby begins using its eyes to detect noises and develop a sophisticated sense of taste. By the time they are four to eight months old, they’ll be able to hear the entire range of sound frequencies. However, there are ways to improve the development of these senses. Here are some tips for helping your baby develop these vital senses. While it may be too early to see how the senses are developed at the beginning, parents can begin to stimulate them as early as a week old.

During the first weeks of a baby’s development, touch is one of the most important senses. It helps babies communicate, interact with others, and explore their environment. During pregnancy, a baby’s sense of touch develops at different stages, and this sense starts to develop in babies around seven to eight weeks. By eleven weeks of gestation, babies make tiny movements within their womb, marking their first explorations.

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The smell is another key sense that develops before a baby is born. During the first trimester, a baby’s nose and scent receptors form, which is why they can recognize the smell of other people, places, and things. By this point, the baby can distinguish between the smell of a mother’s breast milk and that of another mother’s. As a result, if the baby is placed on the belly, it can navigate to the mother’s breasts through smell.

In the final trimester of pregnancy, the fetus can detect bright light in the womb but can’t make out fine details. The same goes for color discrimination. It’s important to remember that a baby’s vision is not completely developed at birth but develops rapidly during the first few months of life. Interestingly, a baby’s hearing is also better than an adult’s and is already functioning well before birth. By four days, babies can discern between red and yellow colors.

As a newborn, your child can only see up to eight inches in front of their face. But by the time they reach eight months, they can easily see three feet away. By two months of age, a baby can discern basic colors, but they prefer black and white objects at that time. By the time they are seven months old, babies can develop hand-eye coordination and depth perception and reach for objects outside their immediate area. As a child matures, it will develop these senses faster and stronger and reach the level of an adult’s twenty-two percent acuity.

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