Where to Donate Baby Items

Many charitable organizations send aid to places like Africa and the Middle East. By donating baby items to these groups, you’re helping children survive by providing them with clean water and nutritious food. Early in life, a clean water supply is essential for a child’s development, and donations of new clothes and shoes can help children thrive. Children are often picky about clothing, so they can quickly outgrow clothes and shoes in a year. In addition to clogging up your closet, baby clothing and shoes can take up valuable space.

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Most charities have strict policies regarding the items they will accept, so check their donation guidelines first. Donate-worthy items may be too large or too small for the charity, so check out its policies before making the trip. Alternatively, you can use social media and word-of-mouth to find a local charity in your area. You can donate gently used items such as diapers, wipes, and other baby supplies.

Many organizations accept both new and gently-used baby clothes, including clothing. If you prefer to donate on a social media site, group the items by size, gender, season, and condition. Those with a specific type of baby clothing or toy will be more likely to accept it. But even if you’re looking for a thrift store or an online donation option, try to make it as flexible as possible. While finding a nonprofit in your area is difficult, you can still donate clothing and accessories to worthy causes.

In some communities, you can donate used clothing and baby items to homeless shelters. These organizations take in entire families, so gently-used baby clothes are especially useful. Although some may refuse clothing donations, you should know that some may only accept brand-new items. This isn’t always possible – some of them don’t even take clothes unless they’re brand new. It’s worth contacting the local shelter to see whether they accept used items.

Other organizations that accept donations of used items include Goodwill and Salvation Army. These organizations have clear missions. You can donate gently-used clothes to Goodwill stores and send the proceeds to a textile recycler. You can donate to a diaper bank if you don’t have any items. Goodwill stores take clothing, toys, and other useful items for babies. Some charities specialize in certain items, while others are open to all donations.

Donating high-ticket items is another good way to make a difference in the lives of many children. While cribs and car seats are two common pieces of baby gear, bouncy seats and high chairs are also great items to donate. You can donate your bike or a rented high chair to a baby shelter. Some organizations even accept reusable items, like baby clothes.

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