Summer Infant Recalls Its Baby Bath Seat

Summer infant bath seat. The seat is made of a plastic material prone to catching fire or leaking. So far, there have been seven reported incidents in the U.S., five involving head injuries. Regardless of the cause, parents should take a seat out of the water when their child pulls themselves up and starts to stand. To avoid injuries, keep the seat in a safe place and out of reach of the child.

Most Summer Infant bath seats come with a small plastic base. The base is square and measures around thirteen inches long by 12 inches wide. The base is tagged with the model number. Some Summer Infant bathers have multiple model numbers. You can usually identify them by looking at the letters at the end of the model number. If your child is a newborn, use the model number with their age. Some are made in China.

There are many different types of baby baths. Some are specially curved to hold a baby, while others feature backrests and headrests. Some even change colors when water is added. Some are portable so that you can place them on the floor, in the living room, or bedroom. Regardless of where you keep the baby, ensure that they are comfortable and safe. These products make bath time a pleasurable experience for both of you.

The My Bath Seat is a great solution for parents who have a hard time keeping their babies in a baby bathtub. Its high backrest provides 360-degree support for a regular bath. And its large frame and Sure & Secure (TM) suction cups ensure that your baby is securely in place. All these features combine to make bath time a worry-free experience for everyone involved. These seats also have a removable plastic cover, which is easy to clean for easy clean-ups.

Another option is the Summer Deluxe Baby Bather. It is a versatile baby bather that folds flat for storage. It is also adjustable to fit either a sink or a bathtub. The seat features a newborn sling and is machine washable. There are many features to consider with the Summer Deluxe Baby Bather. It is safe, comfortable, and offers 3-position reclining. It is also safe for babies who aren’t yet able to walk or crawl.

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