Thule Infant Sling

The Thule Infant Sling is a padded sling that fits inside your favorite Thule trailer. It provides maximum stability for your child while also providing lateral support. This sling is easy to install and remove and is recommended for infants aged one to 10 months. You can use the Thule Infant Sling for strolling, jogging, and hiking. The carrier also comes with mounting hardware.

To properly use the Thule Infant Sling, ensure you have a child carrier with a seat back strap. Place the child carrier in the middle position and tighten the Thule Infant Sling evenly around their shoulders. It is also important to release the parking brake before using the child carrier. Do not use the child carrier with children whose shoulders are higher than the uppermost shoulder slots. If the child’s shoulders are higher than the shoulder straps, then the Thule Infant Sling is inappropriate for the child.

The Thule Infant Sling is a versatile travel accessory that allows parents to carry their newborns in strolling mode while traveling. This sling is specially designed for infants from one to 10 months. It offers maximum stability and lateral support while traveling. The Thule Infant Sling is compatible with the Thule Coaster XT and Courier. Its lightweight and durable construction make it an ideal accessory for your Thule stroller.

The Thule Infant Sling has a design that enables your child to recline in comfort. The seat cradles your child’s body perfectly, providing lateral support and maximum stability. In addition, the Thule Infant Sling is durable, waterproof material that can withstand rain, snow, and snow. Once your child is comfortable in the Thule Infant Sling, he will be in comfort for hours.

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