Newborn Won’t Sleep at Night Unless Held

Why a Newborn Won’t Sleep at Night Unless Held? A new parent can find it incredibly difficult to let their newborn sleep at night if they don’t hold them. Newborns are extremely intelligent and seek comfort in being held, so they don’t know when to sleep and wake up. Fortunately, it is not a rare occurrence, and you don’t have to face this dilemma alone. Read on to discover some solutions for your newborn’s sleep deprivation.

Start with small goals. Ideally, you should put your child down for naps and bed at the same time each day. Sometimes, you may have to wake them in the morning so that they don’t fall asleep too early, but this will make sure that they have a consistent schedule. One way to help your newborn sleep better at night is to repeat a sound called “sh, sh, shhhh” while holding them. This sounds similar to a mother’s voice when she’s holding her baby in her womb, so it will help the child associate this sound with sleep.

Another method is to swaddle your newborn. Swaddling your newborn will help to prevent the startle reflex, which is the result of the moro reflex. Swaddling your newborn can help soothe the startle reflex, so your baby will have a deeper, more rejuvenating sleep. Swaddles such as Nested Bean’s Zen Neo swaddle can also help your newborn transition from the womb to the world. Lastly, a weighted cuddle pad can be used to distribute weight evenly across his chest and promote better sleep.

Another method for soothing a crying newborn is the 5 S’s technique. This technique mimics the environment a newborn would experience in the womb. Swaddling, rocking, swinging, shushing, and allowing the baby to suck on your finger is the 5 S’s method. Once baby has mastered the 5 S’s technique, you can lower him or her in his or her crib.

Another way to help your newborn fall asleep is to let others hold him or her. Offer to hold your baby for an hour or two. If you are a single parent, it’s important to trade off sleep time with your partner to avoid getting frustrated. You might find that a partner can help you sleep better. If not, ask your partner or family to help you with your newborn. The more hands you have available, the better, but remember to stay calm and focused.

Separation from a parent is never pleasant, but it has to happen. It may be difficult at first, but you need to remember that this separation is going to happen and the sooner you start the separation process, the better it will be for both you and your baby. Set a goal, get determined, and your baby will start sleeping in a few days. If you can stay calm and continue this process, you can rest assured that you will see progress.

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