Potty Sign Language

Learning to sign “Potty Sign Language” can be easy for both you and your child. The letter “T” stands for “toilet,” and it’s held out like a fist. You then shake your hand around like a baby bell. The sign is also helpful when talking about the bathroom or just needing to pee. A skilled signer can express the concept of a clean catch urine sample, but a beginner may not be so sure.

If you’d like to use potty sign language with your child, there are many well-known signs for “pee,” “poop,” and “dirty diaper.” Your child may also come up with some of their own. However, regardless of which signs your child uses, remember that the most important thing is to use them consistently. Children love consistency, so make sure to stick to them. The more consistent you use them, the more likely they will be to learn them.

Teaching your child to sign “potty” will let you know when it’s time to go and prevent your child from screaming in public. You can start by teaching them the word “potty” by signing it along with the other words.

Another way to communicate with your child is through sign language. It can be fun and useful if you want to use it. Sign language is especially helpful for pre-verbal children and families with multiple languages. Sign language is easy to learn and use and can take the stress out of potty training. A baby sign language course can help your child learn and communicate effectively. A child who learns how to sign “potty” will be less likely to be stubborn.

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