When to Stop Swaddling Your Baby

If you are wondering when to stop swaddling your baby, read on. While this may be a difficult transition, your baby may enjoy being free from a swaddle as long as it is secure and safe. You should buy a high-quality blanket or velcro swaddle to keep your baby secure while sleeping. However, if your baby is fighting to swaddle, it’s probably time to transition from swaddling.

Swaddling is beneficial in the early weeks, but if your baby starts rolling over or breathing quickly, swaddling is no longer necessary. Even if it helps your baby sleep and stay warm, it can cause serious problems for your baby, including sweating, rapid breathing, and even SIDS. In addition to all these problems, it can also be detrimental to your baby’s development and lead to premature death.

Pediatricians often recommend swaddling for babies under one year of age. It’s an excellent way to keep a baby warm and comfortable while sleeping and helps them develop healthy habits. If you are worried about swaddling your baby, read on for tips on determining when to stop swaddling your baby. Your baby will likely grow out of this habit as they get older.

Once your baby can sleep unwrapping their arms and legs, you can switch to a wearable blanket or pajamas. Depending on your child’s comfort level, you can also start swaddling your baby’s legs at nap time. Eventually, your baby will completely grow out of the swaddling phase and can sleep unwrapped for longer periods.

It’s important to note that the recommended age to stop swaddling a baby is based on a child’s individual development and health history. While most pediatricians recommend swaddling your baby until four to five months old, it’s important to remember that some babies roll over earlier than others. You should stop swaddling your baby once it can roll over comfortably, and if it’s still causing your baby to wake up frequently or sleep regression.

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Swaddling a baby should be discontinued at about two months or sooner if your child is rolling over. Ideally, this happens around 3 months, but some babies may roll over as early as two weeks. However, you must be sure to watch your baby carefully. This way, you can identify the signs that your child is ready to stop being swaddled altogether.

Depending on your child’s developmental stage, swaddling your baby may increase your baby’s risk of SIDS. Babies who can roll over on their own should be weaned from swaddling by seven months. By this time, they will be able to sleep on their sides. You should also stop swaddling your baby if they start rolling over on their tummy.

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