Choosing Newborn Winter Clothes

When it comes to newborn winter clothes, you can’t go wrong with a kimono bodysuit. Its long raglan sleeves and wrap-around style make it a perfect layering piece. And, it doesn’t look bulky or heavy, either. Whether you choose soft organic cotton or a wool blend, your baby will be toasty in the upcoming winter. Here are some of the top picks for warm baby clothing.

Rompers: Baby girls and boys can look stylish in rompers, which come in different colours and styles. You can also find rompers with frills and layers at the bottom that go well with matching boots. Coats that double as dresses are another great purchase. Typically, the second half of the romper is made of lace or crepe. Many coats are also made with a matching snood and hat.

Choosing baby clothing that keeps your baby warm is as easy as dressing yourself for winter. Layering clothing keeps your baby warm while keeping them looking adorable. Baby clothing with long sleeves, footies and hats will help protect your baby’s delicate skin from the chilling winter temperatures. And, if you’re worried about the baby’s skin temperature, you can always opt for a footed zip-suit. Those are more practical options.

Layering is the best way to ensure your baby remains warm during the cold months. The main goal is to trap heat in between layers. Thin cotton clothes will work well. Add more layers as needed. A warm hat will help keep your baby warm from head to toe. With a bit of practice, it will become second nature. It will be spring before you know it! You can never be too prepared for the harsh winter months. So, be sure to buy your baby’s winter clothes accordingly.

A hat can protect your baby’s head from the harsh sunlight. For warm weather, opt for lighter fabrics. Add a thin sleeper onesie as an extra layer. You don’t need to use a sleep sack once your baby starts rolling over. If you wear the carrier, choose breathable materials to avoid sweaty babies. You can also use a hat as an extra layer. The hat and sleeper onesie are optional but valuable for newborn winter clothes.

A snowsuit is another must-have piece of clothing. It comes in a plain mint colour, but you can always reverse it for a multi-colour look. Another essential item is a pair of waterproof mittens. These can be worn under other layers and keep your baby warm and dry. When in doubt, be sure to pack sunglasses and sunscreen. Since snow reflects the sun’s rays, these are essential. And, as Dr Hill points out, you should avoid over-exposing your baby to snow.

Choose clothes that are changed easily. Newborns grow fast, so their clothes must be easy to put on and take off. Stretchy jumpsuits and tops with envelope necklines are ideal for this purpose. Ideally, these clothes should be easily removable, as you’ll have to change the diaper regularly. Also, cotton clothes are gentle on the delicate skin of your baby. There’s no need to purchase expensive garments if they are only used for a few months.

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