What Do Baby Bed Bugs Look Like?

If you have problems with bedbugs, you may wonder what do baby bed bugs look like. Unlike adults, these tiny bugs are not as easy to spot. They are milky white or yellowish but are translucent and light in color. However, as they age, their color will darken, but most of them remain white. Despite their appearance, baby bedbugs will change color when they are feeding, so you may not be able to notice them on white surfaces.

While adult bedbugs are easily visible, you may not notice a baby bedbug until it has grown into an adult. Baby bedbugs are extremely small, weighing about a millimeter, and come out at night to feed. They are also more likely to hide and do not like to come out during the day. However, they are easy to spot if you take the time to look for them.

You may notice multiple bites in the same area when examining a baby. The bites will be grouped together or in lines, appearing on the face, neck, arms, and hands. Some kids may not notice them, while others will notice them. Bedbugs can cause an itchy reaction, but they do not transmit disease.

After five meals, the baby bedbugs will molt and emerge as adults. The brown color is from the blood nutrients that the bugs digest. They will feed again once they reach the adult stage. Regardless of the size, you should contact a professional pest control company immediately to have the problem taken care of. A bug infestation can spread through a neighbor’s house and reappear on your property. If you suspect bedbugs in your home, you must kill them as soon as possible.

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If you’ve seen adult bedbugs, you’ll recognize them by their flat bodies. These bugs used to have wings, but they have since evolved. They still have the tiny stumps where the wings used to be. Compared to their adult counterparts, baby bedbugs are flat but do not look flat. Their abdomens expand when they feed. These tiny bugs are hard to see through the naked eye, but their appearance is similar to an adult bedbug.

The adult bedbugs have brown coloration throughout their bodies and shed their skin when they feed. The brown coloration is a result of feeding on their host. The eggs are not always visible, but if you find these eggs, you have a bed bug infestation! They are a very common pest in our homes, and you might have some. You can find them hiding in the cracks and seams of your bed or carpet.

Adult bed bugs have two types of wings, called nymphs and adults. Females resemble nymphs and have an elongated, oval body. The males have wings and are broader than the females. Adult bed bugs can lay as many as 250 eggs in their lifetime, but some have even hatched up to 500 eggs in a laboratory environment. And remember, female bedbugs are much more dangerous than their male counterparts.

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