Little Tweens at the Beach

While you may be concerned about your little behavior of Little Tweens at the beach, the good news is that he’s not alone! There are lots of things you can do to keep your little tween happy and entertained at the beach. Try some of these activities. Digging in the sand is one of them. They’ll enjoy it, but it can also be dangerous to others.

The Florida Aquarium – With a plethora of educational activities for little tweens, it’s sure to keep their attention. Not only is it an aquarium, but it also has an interactive learning center and a camp program. In addition to the aquarium, you can watch turtles nesting or see rehabilitated animals released back into the wild. Children and teens can spend the day learning about the environment at five stations.

Kelly Park – This park features natural hot springs and a stream perfect for inner tubing. A playground and concessions are also available here. If you’re looking for a quieter location, you can check out Kelly Park. There are plenty of sandy areas there, too, so your little tweens can get some physical activity while they’re at the beach. It’s also the perfect place to take your little tweens for a picnic.

Even the simplest things can be fun – like taking a stroll along the beach. Hunt for shells, spot sea creatures, and dip your toes in the water. Or, you could even set up a mini-golf course right on the beach. Just make sure to buy pint-sized golf clubs and balls from the dollar store. The best part is, it’s free! You can even take your little tweens to play beach volleyball!

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