Diaper Rash With Pimples

Identifying diaper rash with pimples can be tricky because it often happens on other areas of the child’s body, including the face. This type of diaper rash is usually red on the bottom of a young child, but it can also develop anywhere an allergen touches the skin. If your child has pimples, the best way to identify them is by looking for other areas of redness.

First, make sure the area is clean. You can also apply anti-yeast ointment to the affected area. Wipes can be very helpful, but avoid those containing alcohol and fragrance, and try not to rub the area too hard. You can also apply protective ointment to the affected area, which helps create a barrier between the diaper and the skin and doesn’t need to be removed every time your baby needs a diaper change.

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If a yeast infection causes the rash, you’ll likely have to take antibiotics or get your child treated with an antifungal cream. While this treatment can help, it may not be effective for diaper rash with pimples. In some cases, yeast infection is also a cause of pimples and a diaper rash with pimples. Luckily, it’s easy to identify and treat.

Over-the-counter creams can help alleviate diaper rash with pimples. These contain thick petrolatum-based ointments and can protect the affected area until it heals. Diaper rash creams are readily available over the counter and online. If your baby doesn’t improve within 3 days, contact a doctor for diagnosis and treatment. The treatment usually takes three days; if it’s not improved, it’s a yeast infection.

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