Baby Accessories

Every year they come up with a new array of baby equipment. Some is needed, other items are nice to have but not required, and some are plain silly.

But knowing which are which can be tricky. One baby might be enthralled by his musical mobile and another couldn’t care less.

Start with the absolute necessities and then move on from there. If you’re friends are giving you a shower you can register for the things you’d like to receive.

Car seat – this is a necessity. For safety reasons it’s best if you can buy this new. If you do get a used one make sure it’s in perfect working order and go online to see if there have been any recalls.

Read the directions carefully about how to fasten it in the car and how to secure your baby.

No car seat works properly if it’s not installed correctly or if your baby is not secured correctly.

A car seat can be taken into a restaurant and placed inside a wooden holder placing the child at your level instead of on the floor.

Some car seats can now be taken out and used in strollers. This has pros and cons from having a separate stroller so consider which would be easier for you.

If you want to use your stroller for a long time then get the type that reclines at first for babies but then can be raised to a sitting position when the baby is older. Many have bags and pockets so you can carry bottles, diapers and other items. A top is good for sunny or rainy days.

An umbrella stroller – This type of stroller is much smaller than the standard version. It has no pockets or cover like a large stroller. But it’s good for when you need a stroller and don’t want to mess with a big one such as getting on and off a bus. You can fold and carry it easily. It doesn’t work for young babies who need to lie down.

Lots of onesies – These are the main item of clothing your baby will wear for the first few weeks. Since babies can spit up a lot and drool you may be using three or four a day.

Baby wipes heater – this is not a necessity, but a warm wipe can be much more soothing to your baby than using a cold wipe after just being pulled from their warm jammies.

Swing – This can be a mommy’s best friend. Put your baby in and the slight rocking motion will help them stay asleep. After they can sit up the swinging motion can keep them entertained for short amounts of time. Some swings now have lights and play music.

Diaper bag – This needs to be large enough to carry all your baby supplies, diapers, bottles, change of clothes, blanket as well as a pocket for your own items. Otherwise you’ll have to carry a purse and a diaper bag. Many now include a plastic pull out cover you can use for changing your baby.

Breast pump – If you want to keep breastfeeding after you return to work you’ll need a breast pump. There is a wide array on the market and you may need to try more than one to find which one you prefer. Read recommendations from other moms to see which ones they liked and why.

Stay away from soft, cushy bedding. These can be a suffocation hazard to young babies. Don’t use bumper pads or keep toys in your baby’s bed.

High chair – It won’t be long before you’ll be placing your baby in a high chair. Some mothers now prefer the type of high chair that sits on a regular chair.

Baby monitor – When your baby starts sleeping in their own room you’ll want to have a baby monitor so you can hear when they cry at night. This keeps you from jumping up and down through the night to go check on them. Some even have cameras now so you can see as well as hear your baby.

Carrier or sling – This helps you carry your baby without hurting your back, and allows your hands to be free.

These are just a few of the items they now have for babies. Talk to other mothers and ask which items they can’t live without.