When to Switch to a Toddler Bed

You may be wondering when to switch to a toddler bed. This transition from a crib can occur at any age, but it is generally between 18 months and three and a half years old. Your toddler will reach full height by the time he turns three, begin making daily jailbreaks, and will likely be asking for his big-kid bed. Before you make the switch, buy a sturdy bed for him. Make sure he’s comfortable sleeping on it, as he’ll be wiggling and wriggling.

Before the transition:

  1. Set up the new bed in the child’s room.
  2. Set it up a day before your baby arrives.
  3. Allow your toddler to practice napping in it before moving him to a toddler bed.
  4. Keep the same bedtime routine, including bath-book-bed time.
  5. Avoid mixing the two routines.
  6. Get his approval first, and don’t force the transition.

While your toddler may be frustrated and confused initially, give him time to adjust.

Transitioning from a crib to a toddler bed is a huge milestone for your child, but it can also be stressful for parents. This new stage can bring new fears, rules, and routines. In addition, experts recommend parents avoid the switch too early as it can cause sleep problems and bedtime resistance. So, following these tips is crucial when choosing the right bed for your toddler. While there are no “right” times, there are a few important things to remember.

Changing your toddler’s bed to a twin bed can be a big change for your family. While this can be stressful for you, it is crucial to keep your child comfortable and excited about the new bed. Toddler beds are usually low-lying, with safety rails on the sides to prevent accidental falls. And if you decide to switch your child to a full-sized bed, get a bed with safety features like rails.

A toddler may also want to stay in the room until they’re fully asleep. Depending on your expectations, you may have to enforce a bedtime schedule with your child. Some toddlers drop naps between two and three years old. While others don’t take naps, it’s best to try to enforce the need for a nap throughout the day. If your child doesn’t get enough rest during the day, you may want to switch to a twin bed.

Switching from a crib to a toddler bed depends on your child’s development. In general, it’s advisable to switch your child to a toddler bed when the crib railing is at least one inch lower than his chest. It will prevent any dangerous climbing from taking place, which can also lead to injury. While it’s normal for your child to switch to a toddler bed when he’s ready, it’s better to wait until he’s ready rather than feeling behind.

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