Places to Have a Baby Shower

There are many places to have Places to Have a Baby Shower the event if you have a baby shower. Beach showers are fun, but they can be expensive. Instead, consider having your shower at a pool. Guests can cool off by dipping their toes in the water. There will be balloons, a gift table, and a place for the mom-to-be to sit and relax. A poolside baby shower can also be relaxing, especially if you decorate it with balloons and a gift table.

Another option is to hold the shower in a botanical garden. Botanical gardens are popular for their natural beauty, and you can enjoy the view as you celebrate your daughter’s impending arrival. You don’t have access to a botanical garden, though; you can hold the shower in someone’s backyard, front yard, or a park near your guests’ homes. Private dining rooms are a great option, as they’re usually spacious and offer privacy.

You can also have a baby shower in a tea room. A tea room can be decorated with pink roses to symbolize the baby’s upcoming arrival, and you can even set up food stations here. While you won’t have a full buffet, the atmosphere is elegant. A tearoom is also a good option if you want a more intimate gathering. Although you may not have the space for a full-blown baby shower, you can easily get by with a couple of table settings and an umbrella to keep everyone warm and dry.

If you want a more inexpensive venue, you can hold the shower at a local park, community center, or church hall. These places will usually be free to use, but church leaders may charge a small fee for the space. Most churches have Wi-Fi, making them the ideal baby shower venue. Many other options are more budget-friendly, but it depends on your budget and how many guests you expect to invite.

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