How to Decongest a Baby – Home Remedies For a Blocked Nose

You can find several remedies for How to Decongest a Baby. First, you can try a nasal aspirator, which is inserted into the baby’s nostril. Be sure to put the aspirator bulb deep into the baby’s nostril, as they are quite deep. Once the bulb has emptied, rinse it out with soap water and dry it upside down. This remedy will work best if you are able to give the baby two or three times a day.

Another way to use a saline solution to clear a baby’s nasal passage is to use a bulb syringe. Make sure the tip is rounded so that it does not irritate the baby. Squeeze the syringe first to remove air and then insert it gently into the baby’s nostril. Make sure to hold it gently and do not push it too high; this will force out the mucus.

Another method of clearing a baby’s nasal congestion is by using a saline spray or drops. You can purchase baby saline spray at any drugstore. You can also use a baby nasal bulb aspirator to remove mucus plugging the nose. These are effective for clearing a baby’s nasal congestion and should be used before nursing so that breastfeeding will not be interrupted.

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