Zarbee Infant Cough Syrup Review

Zarbee infant cough syrup is a natural, gluten-free formula that helps your child clear mucus and soothes coughs caused by irritants or allergies. The syrup is designed for children two months of age and older, and it comes in berry and grape flavors. Each serving contains three to five milliliters of the medicine. To ensure your child is not allergic to any ingredients in the product, you should always consult with a pediatrician before administering it.

Zarbee infant cough syrup contains honey as a natural ingredient to soothe a cough and is also an excellent choice for those concerned about drugs or other side effects for young children. Some formulations also include other ingredients that thin mucus and relieve coughing. Some scientific studies support the effectiveness of honey in curing coughs, including a review of four studies published in 2018. One study found that two teaspoons of honey given to infants before bedtime significantly reduced cough duration and produced no side effects. In addition to honey, Zarbee uses agave as a cough soother in its infant products. Both honey and agave coat the throat in the same way.

Zarbees Cough and Mucus Infant Syrup

If your infant is coughing, you may be looking for a natural cure for your child. Zarbees Cough and Mucus Baby Syrup is an excellent choice for babies since it contains organic agave and English ivy leaf extract. It also contains zinc and vitamin C, which are important for immunity. These ingredients are also safe for children, so you can feel confident that you provide the best solution for your child.

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