Infant Sun Hat Buying Guide

An infant sun hat can protect your baby from the sun and provide extra protection for their head, neck, and face. Choose one with a generous brim and a toggle adjuster at the back, or look for one that offers UPF 50+ protection. Some hats also feature moisture-wicking fabric, while others are made of sensitive materials. Read our buying guide to find the best one for your child! This article focuses on the top three infant sun hats.

Infant sun hats provide all-day protection and full coverage, reducing the need to apply sunscreen to sensitive areas. Choose a hat with UPF 50+ protection, which will block 97.5%-99.5% of harmful UV rays. Choose a lightweight cap with a wicking liner to keep your baby dry. Most hats feature a comfortable, adjustable toggle or stay-put tie strap, making them easy to wear and convenient to store in a pocket.

A hat with a brim covering the ears is an excellent option for children. A legionnaire hat has a UPF 50+ rating and is made of cotton twill fabric. They are easy for kids to wear and are available in three sizes. Some hats come with embroidery, including a flower. They’re also chlorine and fade-resistant. And if your little one likes to wear a pirate hat, you’ll love this option!

A baby sun hat is an essential piece of clothing for your child. It keeps the sun off their delicate skin and helps protect their scalp from burns. It’s also necessary to use baby-safe sunscreen on their skin. When accompanied by an adult, infants should wear an infant sun hat. If the weather’s nice enough, wear a hat to protect them from harmful UV rays. Having a few sun hats is a good idea to keep the summer weather at bay.

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