How Long Should 2 Months Old Sleep?

When your baby is only 2 months old, you may wonder how long should he sleep. Your newborn is a little different from an older child, but he still sleeps for most of the day. However, he may start developing distinct sleep patterns. Generally, he sleeps for 18 hours a day, with two-hours awake in between. For this reason, you should plan his sleep around his awake time.

At two months, your baby is a little bit of a time traveler. His or her naps start to develop predictable patterns. The first two months will be dominated by naps, with about four or five periods of sleep per day. However, by two months, your baby is likely to start waking up more often, leading to less nutrient intake during the day and a hungrier baby at night.

As a rule, your two-month-old can sleep for around 20 minutes to three hours at a time. The rest of your day, which should be split into four or six naps, should be at least five hours. However, if you are still breastfeeding your baby, you can wake him up every two hours for a feeding, allowing you to extend his overnight sleep. It’s important to remember that your baby still needs at least two feeds a day, as this will ensure she has enough food throughout the day.

The number of naps your two-month-old baby takes each day depends on the length and frequency of their naps. Your baby needs at least five to six hours of daytime sleep in order to develop a full internal clock. It’s also essential to monitor how much sleep your baby gets in the day. Your baby should not be awake for more than two hours, and you should try to time it with your own schedule.

Generally, newborns do not have a particular sleeping schedule, so you’ll need to establish one in your home and observe your child closely. As he or she drowses, put him into the crib gently. If you notice that your baby has started to fuss, respond to the situation by singing or shaking the crib. In the event that your child does not go to sleep, keep an eye on him or her.

Your baby will often fall asleep when it’s quietest at night. A mother who breastfeeds can expect her baby to get more sleep during the night. But in the meantime, her baby may wake up a couple of times throughout the night. This is perfectly normal. You should always try to keep the volume of conversations to a minimum. Don’t worry about playtime either; just ensure your child is still comfortable and sleepy.

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The best way to keep your child satisfied and alert is to make feeding a regular part of your daily routine. While you’ll still be feeding your 2-month-old throughout the day, he or she will need to eat at least four or five times a day. Besides, a dream feed can help minimize nighttime awakenings. Just remember that overfeeding your baby before bedtime sleep can cause more spitting up and discomfort. Do not give cereal in the bottle, as this can cause choking.

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